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Clay Bay Pottery

It may have been fate, or perhaps just good luck, that found Jeanne Svien (Aurelius) and David Aurelius seated side by side in a studio art class at Luther College in 1970. When Jeanne leaned over and penned a 70s iconic daisy on the knee of David’s jeans, various events were set in motion. Thirty-plus years later, Jeanne and David, happily married, are the parents of two delightful daughters, Lauren and Martha, and the proud proprietors of a successful business, Clay Bay Pottery. And while luck played a role in the initial meeting, talent and creativity are the keys to the success that has originated from Clay Bay Pottery since their college days.

Celebrating 30 years in 2006, Clay Bay Pottery features the Aurelius’s handmade, hand painted pottery, along with the work of several other featured artists—Mary and Peter Deneen, Martha Winter, Peter Hegland, and David and Gail Stewart, among others. Each artist’s unique contributions have helped Clay Bay garner a prized reputation and diverse client base. As a result, Clay Bay pottery can be found in homes and businesses across Door County, the country, and, indeed, the world.

In addition to their individual work as potters, Jeanne and David collaborate on large-scale tile murals as artists-in-residence at schools across the state of Wisconsin. Working with children and community members is a labor of love. It all began at the urging of former Luther College classmate Sonja Juffer, the art teacher of the Milwaukee-area school district that hosted the first residency. Fortunately for the hundreds of students who have created murals with the Aureliuses since that project, Jeanne and David were undaunted by the scope of the undertaking. They collaborated with over 600 Lake Bluff Elementary School students and adults to create the first mural, Nature and the Neighborhood, and haven’t stopped since.

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